Saturday, 4 July 2015

Need more scones....

After running out of jam this spring, we descended on Craigie's Farm last weekend and picked two pannier-fulls of berries.  This lead to a quick batch of raspberry jam, with some Canadian low-sugar pectin, and three batches of Strawberry - a double batch of regular strawberry with lemon juice, a batch with some black-currant gin added, and a truly spectacular batch with lime.

1 kilo washed berries, bigger ones halved or quartered
2 limes - peel grated finely and juiced.
1 kilo of tate&lyle jam sugar

As per the back of packet recipe, we heated the berries over a low heat, added the lime juice and peel (the original recipe called for juice of 1 lemon), and then added the sugar once the berries were warm.

Divine flavour.  Particularly recommended for scones.

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