Saturday, 27 August 2016

Fool me once...

Some of you will be familiar with 'fool' as a pudding (dessert), but you have probably never tried Partridgeberry (lingonberry) Fool, which I have to declare as the best I have yet tried.  

A rough - very rough - recipe follows.   

If you have access to partridgeberries (coming into season soon), I encourage you to experiment: 

2 cups/500 ml (or so) berries - partridgeberries or black-currants.  Cook in a saucepan with a tablespoon or two of water and a reasonable amount of sugar (maybe about half the amount of berries if they're quite tart,  a bit less for black-currants). 

Cook until soft, then press the pulp through a seive and refrigerate.  Whip 250ml cream until soft peaks.  Then fold in plain yogurt - about half as much by volume as the cream.  Then fold in the chilled puree.  Pour into serving dishes and chill. 

Yum.  Easy to make. and pretty too.

If my proportions aren't quite right, then I apologise, but honestly, it's hard to go wrong with simple, tasty ingredients.  I didn't measure either of mine, and both turned out very tasty.